Optical frames manufacturer for Men and Women in Belgium

About us

The «IDELIQ» company is a very reliable Belgian manufacturer of high quality optical frames with its own brands: FABRICIO and  VITO FABIUS. Our high quality optical frames made from eco-material are modern and stylish and with affordable prices.

We offer:


Wide range of optical frames with a modern design at an affordable price for the mass market segment


Regular collection updates. 
Good value for money


Direct supply


High level of service and quality guarantee

Our Mission

Our Mission is to supply high quality optical frames to the European optical market at affordable prices for a mass market cunsumer.



This trademark is created to entirely change  people's look when they use optical frames and sun glasses: everyone who comes in optics can afford now high quality and fashionable optical frames at an affordable price. The model range «FABRICIO» is a vivid example of the transformation of medical frames and sunglasses in a fashion accessory. All collections are constantly updated taking into consideration new fashion trends. The consumers' circle of FABRICIO frames is very large: men, women, teenagers, older person, etc. People who prefer FABRICIO are always successful, they follow the fashion and they aren't afraid of trying something new. 



If you are young and active, if you love to experiment and you are a stylish person, the collection VITO FABIUS is for you! Optical frames VITO FABIUS are made from modern materials, have a stylish design and a bright color, there are solid and durable.To help each client to find its own style, that is our goal. High quality optical frames VITO FABIUS, stylish and colorful, will accentuate your individuality!.